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BT Environmental Consulting, Inc. (BTEC) is a privately-owned professional environmental consulting and testing firm specializing in providing air quality-related permitting, compliance, and testing services to a variety of industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities.  BTEC's mission is to provide these services in a high quality and cost effective manner while providing for the professional and personal development of BTEC's associates.

BTEC was established in 2004 by Barry P. Boulianne and Randal J. Tysar.  Mr. Boulianne and Mr. Tysar have worked together for over ten years and their combined professional experience totals over thirty years.  Through this experience, Mr. Boulianne and Mr. Tysar have acquired significant expertise in the areas of emissions monitoring and testing, new source review and Title V permitting, regulatory compliance analysis and assistance, and emissions reporting.

Because of the extensive experience and expertise of Mr. Boulianne and Mr. Tysar and because of its relatively small size, BTEC is able to provide air quality-related services in the highest quality manner and at a cost significantly less than that charged by larger environmental consulting firms.  Also, because BTEC is focused almost exclusively on air quality-related services, clients can be assured that their needs will be addressed by dedicated professionals with significant experience specific to the scope of the project.

Since its inception, BTEC has already grown to include seven additional environmental professionals (in addition to Mr. Boulianne and Mr. Tysar) with a combined additional 25 years of professional experience.  In addition, to staff larger projects that would require more than nine air quality professionals, BTEC has established reciprocal agreements with two independent air quality consulting firms.  These firms include individuals that BTEC personnel have worked extensively with over the years and can provide these individuals to BTEC on an as-needed basis.

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